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Red Bull 111 megawatt behind us

Incredible event at the world level, thanks to the organizers ! ! !

Regiment 13 AD 2014
REGIMENT 13 a brief description of the first day on the spot: after about 14 hours of driving we reach the town of POIANA MARULUI that all sides is surrounded by mountains, is at 10:20 AM, seen in the center of the camp with a variety of campers and buses, still hear the screw on turnover -strokes and whirring 4T by climbing uphill with one or the other. 
We buy in the store stocked with water and sit for a while on a bench in front of him, occasionally sneaks next to a group of several motorcycles- "probably the guys tour route" ... we have a pension for an abandoned hotel which had played a part of the prologue, the sight of this monstrosity of smashed windows is a bit scary, a bit like the Balkans a few years after the war. Walk through the encampment, omnipresent smell of exhaust fumes causes that I feel a strange excitement-you have to get on a motorcycle, slept little, and see fatigue, someone throws the question: "what we do" moment of silence ... and they reply "we se horse" .. ..
Regiment 13 - final preparations before departure


Preparations for the rally Regiment 13 in progress, new tires set up, oils changed a little bit, the wound healed after the Polish Cup, we can go to Romania, wait for relationships! ! ! 
Championship Polish and Polish Cup Kielce 16-17.08.2014
We managed to finish a very difficult competition in Morawica near Kielce, in two days we covered a distance almost 400km, the first day of the impeding weather conditions helped. In the vicinity of the arcs marked forest drive through the mire topped by defeating the stream and backwaters. Seeing what happens organizers (probably distressed about the prospect of an avalanche of protests nieprzejezdności route) decided to turn off this section of the route after the first of the three laps scheduled for the first day of competition. Trying to enduro with steep uphills was quite a challenge especially after the cloudburst. 
We have gained more experience, place, fought in the classrooms cup, give motivation to work on yourself.
Zip motoprzygoda signed name
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Price: 40E
Welcome to the gallery of Romania in 2014

In the gallery are some interesting photos from Romania in 2014

Workouts New Market July 13-15, Summer grouping
We invite applications for the following grouping in Nowy Targ, within 14 and July 15, traveled from Katowice July 13 evening. 
What we provide: 
- Accommodation, cottage with a fireplace, a fireplace, beautifully situated in the mountains. 
- Transport motorcycles and people from Katowice 
- Training runs multiple champion Polish Trials and Enduro competitions, multiple participant Erzberg Rodeo. 
- Training takes place in the open, on the track Super Enduro, The Trial and track motocross track. 
Price: 750 PLN 
The price does not include fuel refueled motorcycle during training and meals.
Polish championship and Polish Cup Wałbrzych 21-22.06.2014

Two days of competition resulted in 3 and 4 place in front of us just colleagues from the Czech Republic.


2-6 July Romania sammer trip
We invite everyone willing to travel to Romania, which will be held from 2 to 6 July, 
beautiful pastures, unique atmosphere, which long adventure you will not forget!

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