31 may 2014


Enjoy a one-day training to be held at 31.05 on Saturday, scheduled start time to 10:00, willing, please contact us at @ or by phone

Romania 2-6 July 2014
We invite you willing to travel to Romania in the period from 2 to 6 July, traveled on Wednesday afternoon to return Sunday evening. 
You can go on your own bike, or on our own.
Katowice Regional Championships PZM Extreme Enduro


We managed to win 1st place in the senior class and six in the class of open

Sports shirt quick drying MotoPrzygoda
We invite you willing to buy a sports kosulki quick drying with a logo MotoPrzygoda, green-gray color. 
Price: 60 zł 
Order on email
17 may 2014

The weather did not discourage us, we consider it a successful training! ! !


Romania april 2014
And after the first year's departure in the Romanian Carpathians, this time inclined to enduro trip.
Weather on the site does not spoil us but guided us to the slogan "what harder the better," 
and the rest make up the beautiful mountains. Brigade and equipment can do the trick, although we are all soaked to the skin 
This one does not leave a good mood. In the evening, a barbecue and piwku linger late into the story. 
The next day brought better weather and out of combat with endless driveways reward we get beautiful 
views of the vast pastures Bihoru. Check out include the mega-successful small problems mino weather 
even quote the statement of one of the participants after leaving for pastures "is not no such things I've seen only in 
commercials motorcycles, now I know why I keep it in the garage "- greetings to all the team
Maroko 2014
14 april 2014


Welcome to the gallery in which znajdzieć latest photos from the Our ​​last trip to Morocco

4 april 2014
We invite you willing to travel to Romania to be held June 11-15, leaving from Katowice on Wednesday, June 11 afternoon, back on June 15 in the afternoon, there are still our motorcycles, there is a possibility of going on your hardware. 
Details e-mail or telephone.
17 march 2014

We invite everyone who plan to start the adventure of motorcycle enduro on one-day course during which you can try riding a motorcycle with a capacity of 125, 230, 600, you will learn the basic techniques and principles prevailing driving enduro.